D&D: Storm of Strife

Episode History
The all-in-one history of the Storm of Strife campaign


Episode 1: The Fate's Revenge arrives in Morgansport. The crew descends into town and is contacted by the mysterious Ierez Kidruku with a proposition to retrieve the Stone of Sorrows from the Isle of Loss. Kadora Doromes also requests that her son be retrieved from the Isle before a great storm arrives in their part of the Broken Isles. The crew meet Matilda Gunnylee the barmaid, and Cheery Gunnylee her father, a sneak who manages to steal a coinpurse, at the Fat Wench's Tavern. Sick of the abuse of Captain Stolster, the crew mutinies and new leaders rise as they set sail for the Isle of Loss.

Episode 2: The crew arrives at the Isle of Loss, descending on lifeboats and discovering, after some strange occurrences and illusions on the isle, the MacPadock Mining Co. Dyius MacPadock refuses to let Deremis Doromes go as he owes him a debt, and fighting breaks out between MacPadock's men and theFate's Revenge crew. 

Episode 3: Although it seems for a moment that the fighting has come to an end, the Fate's Revenge crew battles Dyius MacPadock once more until, sick of fighting over one man, Dyius MacPadock agrees to release Deremis Doromes. With the aid of Deremis's knowledge of the Isle of Loss, the crew continues to press forward in search of the Stone of Sorrows, still plagued by strange illusions, sounds, and incidents. The crew camps out for a short time outside of an ancient, abandoned temple on the Isle before delving into the temple and there discovering the Stone of Sorrows hidden amongst rubble. Withdrawing from the temple, avoiding the temptation to collect potential gold for fear of strange creatures in the dark, the crew returns to its ship and sets sail for Morgansport once more—but not without noticing a missing lifeboat. 

Episode 4: Chaos ensues aboard the Fate's Revenge in the midst of stormy weather. The ship is tossed about. A mysterious, crazed halfling appears—Yetzy. The crew becomes weary and restless, and there is fear and anxiety over the handling of the Stone of Sorrows among crewmembers. A strange sea creature leaps over the ship and threatens harm as the crew manages to arrive, at last, safely in Morgansport, after a long night of being unable to dock.

Episode 5: Ierez Kidruku offers the crew more gold to transport the Stone of Sorrows to his tower. Poor luck and bad omens make the crew question the safety of carrying the Stone of Sorrows. It is discovered that Matilda Gunnylee has been kidnapped and the leadership decides, pressed for time, to take off after Matilda and her presumed captor, Yars Lanren, with the help of Jeff Rods. The crew quickly prepares the ship and sets off for the Banju, the only place Lanren could have gone off with Matilda based on the direction of his reported travels. In the isles of the Banju, traveling through the murky waters in a lifeboat, the crew finds itself surrounded by cannibals.

Episode 6: The Fate's Revenge crew defeats many cannibals and sends the rest fleeing into the jungles. A horn sounding off in the distance catches the party's attention and they proceed in that direction. After camping for a night, they realize they are being stalked by a large creature. Pressing on, avoiding serpents and trekking through mud and swamp, they eventually come across another group of tribal Banju-dwellers. Darts are fired towards the party, apparently aimed at the large tiger behind them. After defeating one more obstacle, the large tiger dead, the crew proceeds all the way to the outer walls of a major hut city. From atop a large rock the party observes the city-dwellers and decides to approach them, despite Jeff Rods's insistence that these are the Chenchechka, the most feared Banju tribe. The gates are opened for the party, rifles aimed squarely at the Fate's Revenge members, and the party has a difficult time communicating with the tribesmen. As shouts and warcries approach from behind, the Chenchechka pull the party members in and shut the gates of the city.

Episode 7: The Chenchechka analyze the crew members. Yetzy arrives on the scene, chased down by Banju cannibals. She reveals to the Chenchecka the Luckscript and begins to discuss with them in their native language, much to the surprise of the party members. The party members are welcomed and led into a hut where they are induced into a drug trance by an elder woman. Some partake and others do not. Those who do enter a dream world while the others await. Upon discussing with Yetzy and the elder leaders of the tribe their reason for being there, looking for Matilda Gunnylee, Yetzy communicates through gestures and broken Common that Matilda has been taken by some strange fleet, what Jeff Rods suspects to be the fabled Fleet of the Depths. The group is escorted by Chenchecka with rifles back to their ship. A fire had broken out aboard the ship near the Stone of Sorrows. The crew sets sail for Morgansport again and finds Ierez Kidruku awaiting them with guards.

Episode 8: The crew members encounter Ierez Kidruku on the docks and refuse to surrender the Stone of Sorrows to him and his guards. He attempts to intimidate them, then disappears away to his tower. Some of the crew head up to the tower, red smoke billowing from it. The others follow Yetzy to the tavern where they discuss the search for Matilda with Cheery Gunnylee. Ierez Kidruku is found in his tower in a trance, red flame billowing from his eyes and protrusions in his body. Approaching with the Stone of Sorrows, one crew member faints. Another fires a crossbow arrow at Kidruku only to have it fly back. Other members arrive from the tavern to find the first two having fainted. A transfigured Ierez Kidruku stares them down through flaming eyes but does not speak. He mentions something about a fleet. Eventually he drops out of his trance and is forced to reveal that he has been contacted by Muraz Kan, a deity at war with Baradan and his Fleet of the Depths, the very fleet which it is believed Matilda has ended up captured by. Dagor Mandragoras arrives attempting to capture Yetzy and reveals that she has taken his Luckscript. While argument ensues, a commotion outside captures everyone's attention. A tidal wave has hit Morgansport as the weather worsens. The ship is fine and Ierez bids the crew to set sail towards the Fleet, on the farther side of the Isle of Loss. Meanwhile it is discovered that Captain Dackrack Stolster has escaped; his condition is unknown. The crew sets sail and encounters the first signs of the Fleet of the Depths through heavy rain, thunder, and the sound of cannons.


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